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 European School of Music Online 

The Digital Music Academy's European School of Music Online is open to all students wishing to learn an instrument, regardless of age or nationality. Classes can be given in French, English, Italian and soon in German and Spanish.

The School is organized in cycles:

- Initiation cycle - with an instrumental lesson of 20 minutes per week

- cycle 1 - with an instrumental lesson of 30 minutes per week

- cycle 2 - with an instrumental lesson of 45 minutes per week

- cycle 3 - with an instrumental course of 60 minutes per week

- Cycle without exams with an instrumental within 30 minutes weekly s

Notions of musical theory will be provided by the instrument teacher for the time necessary and during the instrumental course.

All classes are taught by qualified and experienced teachers.

All lessons are online and the school provides students with a professional-grade microphone to ensure the best sound quality possible.

Examinations are planned to pass from one cycle to another but they are not obligatory each year.

For registration it is necessary to fill in the form here and pay the registration fees and the educational costs.

Several payment methods are possible. (single, quarterly or monthly payment)

Tous nos cours

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