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Let's live the culture....

A people without culture is a people without a soul...

It is for this reason that we have decided to support as many cultural projects as possible.

The Interludes association has chosen to organize live shows in different and unusual places.

Approaching and initiating the younger generations to different artistic languages is also an essential mission to build a more just and peaceful society.

More than ever, this message must be heard.

Culture at the service of everyone is also our humanitarian projects financed by the financial surplus of cultural activities (concerts, trips, conferences, publications etc.)

Let's bring music, theater, poetry, reading etc, to the poorest, sick children, the elderly...

Follow and support, for example, the "Welcome to Music" project for pre-mature children coming out of intensive care units, who need to "pacify" with the environment and to whom we want to introduce a pleasant sound world. and reassuring, thanks to music and song.

The surplus will also make it possible to finance the purchase of musical instruments for beginners in conservatories, to award scholarships for the most promising artists, etc...

It is to continue to act that we need your help . 

Yes, it is about financing this vision of life.

By becoming  member of our association in the forms you wish,  you will allow concert performers and spectators,  (of which you will be part) young and  less young, to participate in unique and exciting projects  .

A newsletter will make you live our activity by giving you the dates and places  of each event.

Feel free to  send us your ideas and suggestions so that our association, yours, can expand and improve its action.

It's up to you.

You will find on the site  different ways to contribute.

Thanking you, we are waiting for you!!!

Chantal Loras - Présidente
Chantal Loras - President

Artistic Committee:

Mrs. M. Poncet

Home Concerts

Mr. F. Renault-Antonelli and Festivals

Mr. JMLonjon

Exhibitions Painting and Drawings

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