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Ziad Kreidy offers here not only an absolutely masterful keyboard lesson, but also one of those rare moments of full happiness that the record universe, which has become so commercial, now reveals to us sparingly.
Stéphane Houssier,

His great technical knowledge and mastery of the Erard 1867 piano allow him to make it sound with a high degree of musicality.

Christine Labroche - ConcertoNet

This CD looks like a small UFO (…) a remarkable step. 
Gérard Pangon - Musikzen

We can speak of discovery in many ways.
Classic sin
  Technical and digital challenges, as interpretative, are masterfully taken up.
Ernst Van Bek - Classiquenews
The richness of the execution shows how much he is an ardent advocate of this instrument.
Jean-Pierre Robert - Music Education Newsletter 

Grieg Lyric Pieces opus 12, 38, 43, 47

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