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Pascal Gallet, piano


a film by Clara Antonelli


A film composed on a score of heartbeats, a fluid wave in which Liszt's work, luminous and full of energy, vibrates in unison, and Pascal Gallet's mystical and visionary piano in turn.

BONUS: “Un sospiro” recorded on Liszt's 1873 piano from the Steingraeber factory in Bayreuth. 


1. Opening

2. Marche Solennelle, transcription after Parsifal by Richard Wagner

3. Snow plow
4. 2nd Ballad
5. Entr'acte (text by Marie-Rose Carlié)
6. Invocation
7. Ave Maria
8. Pater Noster
9. Evening Harmonies
10. A sospiro

Sound recording made in the refectory of the Abbey of Fontmorigny on June 21 and 22, 2011.
Images shot in the living room of the Steingraeber factory in Bayreuth, and in the refectory of the Abbey of Fontmorigny.


Hurry :

Pianist - July / August 2012 - SF: This DVD is both a recital, but also a documentary. [.] one can only admire the magnificent performances on two Steingraeber pianos. Pascal Gallet notably plays the one dated 1873 that Liszt owned. These instruments, when played with such mastery of power and such clever use of the pedal, become "out of the ordinary". Indeed, how not to revel in bass that sound like organ and treble as refined? Without forcing the touch, the performer makes his keyboard sing, expresses vehemence like the velvety nuances of the Harmonie du Soir or the Second Ballad. Musically, a success.

Liszt, the Immortal

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