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240 € par semestre/p.semester

  • 240 euros

Description du service

8 cours collectifs online d'une heure chacun par semestre 8 courses face-to-face online, 1h length, each semester 3 cours individuels en présence et 5 cours online d'une heure chacun par semestre 3 individual courses face-to-face and 5 courses online, 1h length, each semester Born in 1959, after his musical studies in Italy, crowned by his master's degree in piano, he perfected his skills in France, obtaining diplomas in piano, chamber music and conducting. He followed, in Paris, the advice of Lucettes Descaves, Jeanne-Marie Darré, and in Vienna of Alexander Jenner. In 1981 he was appointed, at only 22 years old, to the National Conservatory of Aubervilliers, in France, a position he held until 2007. In 1983 he won the gold medal at the Bordeaux Young Soloists Festival and continued his concerts throughout Europe. In 1992 he formed the Duo Scaramouche, with his wife Malvina Renault. Since its formation the duo has performed in the most prestigious venues in Paris, London, Moscow, Vienna, Bologna, Strasbourg, Birmingham, Edinburgh, New York and has been broadcast by France Musique, France Inter, France Culture, BBC Radio 3, Classic FM, Rai 3, France 3 and other national European stations. As a duo, he has also published several CDs, which have always met with the favor of critics and the public and are now available and listened to in streaming on the best platforms such as Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer... Since 2007 he has been a professor at the conservatory of Ville d'Avray-Chaville, a position he holds to this day. In 2011 he created the project to develop the use of digital technologies for classical musicians and developed the program for the opening of a class of digital technologies within the conservatory. He held masterclasses in Birmingham, Stavanger, Paris. Detailed biography on


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